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Damp Proofing Formby

Select Roofing & Damp Proofing Services are your local damp specialists helping homeowners around the Formby area with any damp related issues. We treat all types of damp including; rising damp, penetrating damp, and water ingress. We will identify you damp problem and apply the required treatments to help protect your home from it. If you are undergoing a new development or project, we can also offer damp proofing services as a preventive measure to give you the best chance of not getting any future damp related damage.

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Damp Proofing Formby

The Signs of Damp – Things to Look Out For

The signs of damp should be relatively easy for you to spot, keep an eye out for peeling wallpaper, tide marks appearing on your walls and water / moisture build up around your home, discolouration of your walls or black mould. A trained damp assessor like Select Roofing & Damp Services will be able to assess your home and pinpoint the location and cause of your damp problem. Once the problem has been identified, treatments can be used to remove the damp from your home. Damp can appear by a variety of ways from faulty or leaking plumbing to fresh damage on the exterior of your building.

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Damp Proofing Formby

Wall Damp Proofing

The easiest sign of damp to spot will always be on your internal walls, damp will not only damage how your wall will look but can also lead to much larger problems such as rotting of timber foundations and causing adverse health effects to people leaving within that property. If damp is left unattended it will greatly reduce the ease of heating your home meaning you will be spending significantly more on energy bills. The best way to solve your damp issue is by acting quickly, if you spot early signs of damp then the quicker it can be treated preventing the chance of it causing any significant damage. Damp left untreated for long periods of time will be much harder and more expensive to treat, causing lasting damage to your home.

Formby Roofing. New Roof installed in Formby by Select Roofing & Damp Services.

Damp Proof Courses in Formby

Many refer to a damp proofing course as a blanket term to treat all types of damp however many types of damp require different treatments. A damp proofing cause will place a protective waterproof barrier within your walls to prevent any rising damp within the home, this is known as damp proof injections. While this type of damp proofing will without doubt help solve your rising damp issue if you have damp from a different cause then it won’t rectify it. Many untrained tradesmen can identify damp but will misdiagnose the cause. This is why it is always recommended that you use a trained and qualified professional such as Select Roofing & Damp Services so they can identify the exact source of the problem and apply the correct treatment.


If you are spotting signs of damp within your home and need someone to look at it, then Contact Select Roofing & Damp Services today to survey your home. The quicker you act, the more money you will save.

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Damp Proofing Formby

Damp Proof Membranes

Using high density polyethylene a damp proof membrane will completely protect your home from water ingress.  This damp treatment is an ideal solution for protecting against rising and penetrating damp. The waterproof membrane is fitted to internal walls creating a protective layer that will allow the wall to breathe and ensuring that any moisture build up can safely evaporate. Damp proof membranes are used in a lot of new projects where water ingress is a likely cause such as extensions and basement conversions.

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Common Damp Cause – Condensation

Condensation can cause a quite significant damp issue within your home especially in colder environments where providing ventilation through keeping the windows open 24/7 isn’t ideal. You will be able to easily spot condensation issues if your windows are misting up from water build up and black mould begins to appear on the surrounding walls. If this is spotted early on then it can be prevented through small life style changes such as ventilating the room with open windows and keeping the door shut from rooms which create steam such as the kitchen and bathroom.  If black mould has built up significantly then further remedies will be required such as extractor fans or mechanical ventilation.

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Your Local Damp Proofing Professional

Select Roofing & Damp services are trained and accredited damp proofing specialists, meaning they can resolve any current damp issues and use preventive measures to further protect your home. Using a certified damp professional is crucial as damp can be often misdiagnosed by other tradesmen. If you misdiagnose your damp issue, then you could be spending money on a solution that will not remedy the problem.

To solve any damp related problem contact Select Roofing & Damp Services today. We will not only solve your damp problems but also offer comprehensive guarantees on any of our work.

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